XML Formatter

Formats input XML string or file with selected indentation level into readable format. Validation on each branch will be applied with detailed description for any error detected.

Input XML


XML Advantages

  • First Line from the input/file can be header for tag names or line with data - depending selected pick list bellowIt supports Unicode, allowing almost any information in any written human language to be communicated.
  • Its self-documenting format describes structure and field names as well as specific values.
  • XML is heavily used as a format for document storage and processing, both online and offline.
  • It can be updated incrementally.
  • The hierarchical structure is suitable for most types of documents.
  • Forward and backward compatibility is relatively easy to maintain despite changes in DTD - Document Type Definition or Schema.
  • It can represent common computer science data structures: trees, records and lists.
  • The syntax and parsing requirements make the necessary parsing algorithms extremely simple, consistent and efficient.
  • It is based on international standards.
  • It allows validation using schema languages such as XSD and Schema, which makes effective unit-testing, acceptance testing, contractual specification, and software construction easier.
  • It is platform-independent, that way relatively immune to changes in technology.