CSV to JSON Converter

This tool allows you to convert an CSV string/file into a JSON string/file. Convert input SCV string with the chosen text encoding and chosen indentation level into readable JSON format.


Name of the JSON root Element


The converter supports multiple delimiters: Comma (,), Colon (:), Semicolon (;), Dot (.) and Tabs (\t).

The converter will apply follow rules:

  • First Line from the input/file can be header for element names or line with data - depending selected pick list bellow
  • If Input contains a header pick list is selected to No the element names are started with column plus counter number.

Why should I use JSON?

To understand the usefulness and importance of JSON, we'll have to understand a bit about the history of interactivity on the web. In the early 2000s, interactivity on the web began to transform. At the time, the browser served mainly as a dumb client to display information, and the server did all of the hard work to prepare the content for display. When a user clicked on a link or a button in the browser, a request would be sent to the server, the server would prepare the information needed as HTML, and the browser would render the HTML as a new page. This pattern was sluggish and inefficient, requiring the browser to re-render everything on the page even if only a section of the page had changed. Because full-page reloads were costly, web developers looked to newer technologies to improve the overall user experience. Meanwhile, the capability of making web requests in the background while a page was being shown, which had recently been introduced in Internet Explorer 5, was proving to be a viable approach to loading data incrementally for display. Instead of reloading the entire contents of the page, clicking the refresh button would trigger a web request that would load in the background. When the contents were loaded, the data could be manipulated, saved, and displayed on the page using JavaScript, the universal programming language in browsers.